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Global Demand Generation and Marketing Operations Leader. Specialist in Digital Marketing. Driver of Change.


Bringing your B2B marketing into the digital marketing age and beyond.


B2B Technology Marketing Leader

Top performing, goal oriented, and results focused Global Demand Generation & Marketing Operations Leader with 20+ years of comprehensive experience developing innovative campaigns, promoting cross-functional collaboration, and driving demand for leading enterprise SaaS providers.


Highly proficient developing and implementing innovative process improvements and change management strategies with a proven history of increasing sales pipelines and improving brand awareness. A proven leader with exceptional communication skills, capable of building and managing elite teams, cultivating productive relationships with external partners, and coordinating synergy between all organisational levels to ensure achievement of immediate and long-term company goals.

B2B Marketing Has Changed

​Marketing is changing, more is expected from it than ever before.

Developing the right competencies, creating the right organisational alignment and driving an appropriate marketing operating model should be the primary focus of  marketing leaders.


For this, you need someone with expertise, built on experience of how to deliver the right customer experience with modern marketing – and how to deliver this across the globe  in a way that is scalable, connected to Sales and localised to customer needs.

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Award Winner

Eloqua European Markie Award winner at Basware (2013) for best sales and marketing alignment.

Producer of Results

Under Ceri’s leadership,  marketing-sourced pipeline increased by 60% over a one-year period.


Ceri and his team increased average order values by 100% through targeted ABM programmes.

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Marketing Leader

Showing the Way

Digital transformation and digital first marketing approaches make this a time of unprecedented change for business and particularly for marketing teams. New technology, new data-driven approaches to campaign management and agile ways of working to deliver against growth KPIs all require new skills and a level of collaboration across internal and external teams that requires strong leadership.

Business Plan

Vision and Leadership

I lead teams, create a long-term vision, and provide the planning and operational glue that hold sales and marketing teams together to deliver results.

For team members it is important that they can connect what they do every day to clear marketing goals and ultimately to the business KPIs.

Demand Generation Playbook

I specialise in centralising processes and structures for improved efficiency, where possible and ​leverage the power of marketing technology and data to produce actionable insights. Experience in building real-time nurturing and scoring programmes delivers higher quality MQLs and higher conversion rates. A strategic focus on content strategy and digital channels provides for strong inbound lead acquisition opportunities and omni-channel engagement.

Business Brainstorming
Business Meeting


I understand that B2B marketing strategy must embrace the entire buyer’s journey from first touch to close. In partnership with Sales, using persona-oriented content and sales enablement tools the focus is always on an engaging customer experience. To enable this, I always focus significant investment in sales and marketing 

team education and collaboration sessions to drive alignment and provide a focus on jointly agreed outcomes.

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What I Do

Business Meeting

Demand Generation and Pipeline Management

Marketing KPIs must be aligned with business goals and measured in such a way as to maximise the value from lead generation activity and optimise conversion to active sales opportunities. Marketing needs to translate business growth objectives into measurable pipeline goals and ensure marketing and sales work together in an agile manner to respond quickly to pipeline acceleration opportunities.

Business Partners at Work

Marketing Operations

To drive scalable demand generation on a global scale there must be a focus on clarifying and standardising marketing workflows across distributed teams, aligning processes with sales via a formalised SLA, managing customer master data and developing a marketing technology ecosystem that leverages and integrates this data to deliver the insights required of today's modern marketing teams.

Brainstorming Session

Combining all the Elements

When data is applied to demand generation and pipeline management; when marketing operations is streamlined;  inbound channels are combined effectively with SEO and content strategy - the result is unprecedented success. 

Achieving this type of successful marketing requires strong  collaboration with sales; the measurement and application of advanced techniques, and the benefit of hindsight that only comes with experience.

In a Meeting

Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Networking

​Inbound is an important component of any marketing strategy whether driven by owned, earned or bought media. Content marketing strategies drive engagement through social channels and digital media. However, these must be produced within the context of overall communications planning and lead generation goals. The value of these relatively new and fragmented channels comes from combining omni-channel data, in order to gain fresh insights on buyers' behaviour along their journeys, and acting on this data to increase velocity and drive more pipeline. ​Unless business-relevant KPIs are applied to these channels, ROI can be poorly defined and cross-channel customer experience can be poorly executed.

Business Meeting

Marketing Strategy and Leadership

​Business-to-business IT marketing has changed considerably. The massive growth in content marketing, the evolution of social media and fragmented sales channels are driving businesses to focus on customer experience and customer satisfaction. Yet, sales and marketing alignment, lead generation, pipeline management and Marketing ROI are still driving operational plans that have to be met within this wider strategic framework at the same time. Planning marketing's contribution to sales quota and optimising channel/ campaign performance to deliver results requires a subtle balancing act – one that is best managed by someone with the wisdom of experience. 

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Oracle CX Conference, Chicago, 2018


Thought Leaders, Amsterdam, 2017


Martech, Athens, 2017


Brighttalk Webinar, October 2015


Martech Europe Conference 2016


Eloqua Experience, 2013; Sales & Marketing Alignment

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